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As a man believeth in his heart As a man believeth in his heart

So you want to walk on Fire?  


Winter Soltice Special  


            Have you ever wondered what life would be like if FEAR didn’t hold you back?  

            Have you ever wondered where you would be if you had a plan set in motion  


These two questions, are answered when you attend a seminar on using your mind, to eliminate fear, and realize your goals.  


How on earth do I do that?  

I’m glad you asked.  


You see walking on fire, has no practical value, other than showing off to your friends at your next Braai.  

But the underlying lessons that can be learnt from doing amazing feats that very few people in South Africa have done before are mind expanding..  


You will be able not only to walk on Fire, but also on broken Glass, bend an 8mm Re-bar with your neck, break a 1 inch board with your bare hands, and a lot more.  


I am planning a Mid - winter special but will need a minimum of 8 guests, so for this event the price will be R 1250.00 per person or R 2100.00 per couple.  


Venue and date to be divulged at a later stage, but in the Johannesburg Area.  

In Mid June.  


Please send me an email to 

Or call me on 072-769-8919  

Book your place now.   





I can promise that only a handful of people in South Africa, have even done these very dangerous feats before.